MoGraph+ Launches New Comprehensive Intro to Arnold 5 for Maya

Kamel Khezri’s New Training Offers a Great Way to Get Into Using Arnold 5 in Maya

Mograph+ expanded its render-training offerings to other hosts. Initially working with third-party renderers in Cinema 4D, course offerings also include 3ds Max and now Autodesk Maya.

A new comprehensive introduction is now available for working with Arnold 5 in Maya. If you are looking to learn more or get started with Arnold 5 in Maya, Mograph+ has a new premium product that includes almost 9 hours of content.

“In the past few years, here at, we have been teaching our favorite render engine, Arnold, to thousands of students around the world.” Kamel Khezri says. “Ever since we have been getting daily requests to record a course about Arnold for Maya, and here it is, an academically approached, high-quality course on Arnold for Maya from the guys, you know they know their way around Arnold.”

Now for only $65 you can get started with the Arnold 5 render engine in Maya, covering a wide range of topics and diving deep into the ones that matter most. “Sampling and ray depth are the most important principles that you should be familiar with when working with Arnold, that’s why we discuss them comprehensively in 40 minutes and seven lessons,” Khezri says. Shading and lighting also take the forefront of the new training package.

Check out the Comprehensive Introduction to Arnold 5 for Maya to learn more about what is in the course.