Now You Can Roll Any Shape in After Effects With Roll It

New Roll It! Offers an Easy Way to Turn Any Mask or Shape in After Effects, No Matter How Complex

You may have already seen a sneak peek at what Roll-It! can do, or maybe the satirical pre-promo video, but the After Effects tool is finally here.The Script offers an effortless way to roll pretty much anything in After Effects.

How many times have you had to animate an automobile, bike or wagon in After Effects, and had to bust out Pi R2? It is either that or visually attempt to get rid of the sliding effect, and that takes time.

If you find that you quite often need things to turn in an animation, then this new script from RenderTom is for you. With it, you can turn any complex shape with a click. The After Effects tool uses an advanced edge detection for your shape to make it contact and animate with the ground properly. That means that you can animate complex shapes and even compound shapes without any hassle.

Roll It is $19.99, which is 33% off until December 12. After that, you will have to pay $29.99.

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