An In-depth Look at Cartoon Moblur in After Effects

The Plugin Everything Team Covers Working With Cartoon MoBlur, Their Native Ae Plugin For Motion Trails

The list is long on the topic of creating streaks, smears, or motion trails in After Effects. Lots of solutions hammered together out of necessity, but not one offers a final method that incorporates both style and speed. Could Cartoon MoBlur (from the folks at Plugin Everything) be just the right thing?

The only way to find out is to download a demo of the plugin and put it to use. Alternatively, we can watch this walkthrough that shows how to use the Cartoon MoBlur plugin, and how it performs. Based on blur calculations, the plugin is markedly faster than using the Echo Effect in Ae.

The effect is compatible with all transformations in After Effects, including 3D ones. It is also compatible with bezier path animations, and parented structures. Visit aescripts + aeplugins to learn more.