mGear Updates With Facial Rigging and New Animbits

Miquel Campos Shows Off the New Facial Rigging and Animbits, Animation Features for mGear 2.4

Miquel Campos updates mGear, a free and open source rigging framework for Autodesk Maya. The latest release adds some facial rigging tools as well as what will be new tools for animators, called “Animbits”. The first foray into that realm is a new SoftTweak Manager.

Originally mGear had been developed by Jeremie Passerin for Softimage. Since 2013 Miquel Campos has continued to keep the project alive, porting the tools over to Maya, and making them free and open-sourced.

mGear is designed to provide a set of useful modules, tools and c++ solvers to streamline the development of rigging and animation tools. Visit mGear to learn more.