New to Clarisse? Get Started With These Fundamentals

Isotropix Posts a New Introductory Series for Clarisse to Help You Get Started

Isotropix Clarisse is a highly specialized workflow tool for 3D artists. Designed to streamline workflows, letting artists interact with the final results in real time, Isotropix has made a home with look-development, scene assembly and environments. Recently Isotropix has changed the pricing structure for the app. If you are someone who took advantage of that, check out this new quick-start series designed to have you complete your first shot in under an hour.

The tutorial series runs through all the basics and fundementals, starting from scratch, covering the UI, assembliy, and rendering.

The pricing has been adjusted and is now being offered at $2899/2599€ per seat for a floating license, while CNode now starts at $899/799€. As part of the restructuring, CRender is no longer available for purchase.

Also available is a Clarisse Indies License, aimed at small teams, freelancers, and indies.