Creating Easy Smoke Effects With Bifrost Aero

Phil Radford Shows How to Use Maya’s Bifrost Aero Solver to Create Smoke Effects

Autodesk Maya offers a few methods for creating smoke effects. They range from nParticles to Fluids, to the more modern Bifrost. Maya’s Bifrost is a fluid simulation tool that can create both large scale and small scale fluid simulations. It’s Aero solver within Bifrost can be used to create all kinds of gaseous effects such as mist, smoke, clouds and other gasses. It’s also pretty straightforward to use compared to nParticles, and has much better performance than Maya Fluids.

3D Artist Phil Radford (@Strangebox_ltd) has a look at creating smoke effects with Bifrost Aero and covers creating collisions, emission settings and shading/rendering with both V-Ray and Maya’s native Arnold.

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