Creating an Orbit Animation With Cartoon MoBlur

Plugin Everything Has a Look at using Cartoon MoBlur to Create a 3D Orbit Animation in After Effects

The Team at Plugin Everything posts a look at creating a 3D orbiting animation with the help of Cartoon MoBlur plugin. It’s a simple walkthrough, but it shows the power and the speed of the plugin contextually.

MoBlur is a new way to add motion trails to your motion design work, by using a blur effect. The method is in sharp opposition to traditional techniques in After Effects which could include the Echo Effect.

Now you can try out Cartoon MoBlur for free, by downloading a trial version before you buy. The latest version added some new functionality that included using another motion source parameter. With it, you can now apply the effect to an adjustment layer and have it affect all layers underneath. Also new to the plugin is the fact that it is now compatible with bezier path (aka curvaceous) animation. Learn more about Cartoon MoBlur here.

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