Physics Tools in Maya is an Easy Way to Create Secondary Animation

YCDI!VFX Releases a Physics Tools for Maya That Can Easily Create Secondary Animations for Translation and Rotations

You Can Do It! VFX releases a new tool for Autodesk Maya, letting you create secondary animation with a click or two. Physics Tools builds translation and rotation physics based on your initial keyframes. YCDI!VFX are also the developers of Nyx Voltron, a direct link manager between After Effects and 3ds Max.

“As a indie developer I I had to come up with a way of developing as many animations as possible without compromising the quality and the believability of the motion.” Physics Tools developer Iuri Monteiro says. “For that, Richard Lico’s workflow was a great source of inspiration and allowed me to create physics tools a tool that empowers any animator with solid grounded physics, it makes use of your keyframes and breakdowns and makes the computer interpolation smarter.”

Physics Tools for Maya also features several utility-style tools that can help with animation in general. The Maya tool has:

  • Translation physics
  • Rotation Physics
  • Bake options
  • Offset time options
  • Euler Filter options
  • Options to bake info to locators
  • The ability to lock any object to a point in space
  • Easy to reach Constraints with offsets and without

Physics-Tools is available for Maya 2014+, Win64. (with Mac and Linux versions upon request.) and costs 150.00€.