How to Create an Invisible Selection Box for Your Maya Rig

Rigging Dojo’s Brad Clark Shows How to Make Insivible Selection Hot-Spots For Your Rigs

Rigging friendly controls for animators always seems to be an ongoing endeavor. The most common type of control is a wire-based one. Others include more of an “invisible” approach. These range from surface-based controls, to straightforward to select invisible hot-spots based on bounding boxes. Rigging Dojo and Brad Clark runs through how you can make a selection hotspot in Maya.

The benefit is that the animator can just swipe a large selection to activate the control. The video comes as an update to Clark’s older tutorial that shows the same method. Since a lot has changed with Maya over the last little while, with Viewport 2.0 and other enhancements, so has the tutorial.

Clark also shares his love for the old-school “Display Handle” feature under display attributes. The handle could be a long-forgotten bit of Maya, yet can still prove useful, especially when designing selections because of how Maya weights its selection priority. I love tips that have older almost buried features like this.