Learn Corona for C4D in About an Hour

Mograph Plus Helps You Learn Corona for C4D in a Little More than an Hour

Kamel Khezri explores working with Corona for Cinema 4D. If you have ever wanted an excellent overview to help you get started with Render Legion’s easy to use, physically plausible renderer, this might be it. Render Legion suggests that most users can learn Corona in just one day. With Kamel Khezri’s (Mograph Plus) latest tutorial you can shave that down to just a little over an hour.

The tutorial covers lighting, materials, both interior and exterior lighting schemes along with image-based lighting, studio lighting and of course, the all-important render settings. “We also explore Denoising and LightMix in Corona, Corona VFB, Post-processing and much more,” Khezri says.

Corona Render Beta 1 for Cinema 4D is still free to download while it’s still under development. Learn more here.