Working With Masks and Cycles Materials

Benjamin Vurlod Shows Some Masking Techniques With Cycles Materials Perfect for Labels or More Complex Materials

Greyscale and black and white masks are in an integral part of shader and material building, no matter what the renderer you use. From applying labels, projecting artwork, mixing, or masking elements of materials, using a matte is a useful tool for creating complex shaders. Watch 3D Artist Benjamin Vurlod’s latest tutorial where he covers how to use masks or mattes to experiment with creating different cycles materials.

Vurlod shows how to use a mask to split two different materials that share the same UVs. He also covers how to change some of the basic color elements using an image mask while in a color mix mode. There is also a bit for using cycles materials, masks and projections, and how to use more than on UV on a mesh that uses multiple textures.