Create and Automate a Tetris Animation in C4D

AJ Haines Shares How to Create a Tetris Animation Without Having to Animate Each Brick.

Working with the fundamentals of Cinema 4D’s Mograph and Effectors systems, AJ Haines has a look at creating a simple Tetris animation using a few C4D tools. It’s a lot easier than you might think. AJ applies a standard 3D plane and the Explosion FX object to generate the Tetris bricks. The classic Tetris brick is made up of four smaller blocks. A slight modification to the Explosion FX minimum and maximum polys can give you instant Tetris shapes.

AJ covers using the Mograph toolset to color and animate all the bricks into place using a Weight Modifier that lets you keyframe the weighting of individual elements based on their index numbers. THere are also some useful tips for fixing some intersection issues, using a handy and reusable Xpresso setup.