A No-VEX Approach to Mixing Fluids and Colors

MerkVilson Unlocks a Vid That Shows Mixing Fluids and Colours in Houdini Without Using Vex.

VEX lets you do all kinds of things in Side FX Houdini. With the performance coming close to a compiled C++ code, VEX meant to be a smaller and more efficient general purpose language for writing shaders and custom nodes. As an expression language, VEX is supposed to be easy to use. That doesn’t mean that everyone can. Luckily Houdini is robust enough where you don’t have to in most cases. Have a look at MerkVilson’s latest tutorial that shows a no-vex method for mixing fluids and colors without writing any VEX at all.

Mixing Fluids in 3D always ends up being a striking animation and visuals. Just in case you missed it, MerkVilson posted another no-Vex approach to fluids, showing how to create volumetric liquids along with fluid simulations in Houdini. Check out Merk’s Patreon where you can help support his tutorial effectors in Cinema 4D and Side FX Houdini.