Browser Pro for Maya Adds New KitBash Support

DGDM’s Browser Pro Adds Some Kitbash Tools to its Feature-Set.

A recent update to Browser Pro sees some new Kitbash tools creep into an already powerful asset management tool for Autodesk Maya. Browser Pro lets you easily organize and streamlines shaders, objects, Scenes, Lights, Textures, and HDR’s. Now you can keep a library of kitbashing elements and use the new features to place it on or into a mesh.

If you’ve wondered why kitbashing tools seem to be plentiful these days, I’ve often wondered that too. From PolyStein, PlugIt, and PolyGnome all the way to Decal Machine (which looks to be the most robust out of all), there are a few options out there no matter what your DCC of choice happens to be. An integral part of any kitbash tool is to have a library browser where you can create, store and bring up new elements on the fly — And this is one reason that Browser Pro makes sense for these new kitbash tools.

You can learn more about Browser Pro here.