Learn Rigging Fundamentals With This 10-Week Course

CGMA’s Rigging Workshop Develops Rigging Skills Used in the VFX Industry,

CGMA’s summer term registration for the Intro to Rigging course recently opened. Classes start on July 21st.

This course is an introduction to rigging. Students will explore how digital characters are brought to life using simple controls. Students will start by looking under Maya’s hood to understand how the system of nodes works, moving onto the basics of rigging and completing your very first project. The goal for the first weeks is to learn the fundamental rigging concepts that can be applied to every project. After completing a few projects–which include a shark rig, a spaceship rig, and a rope sim rig–students will work on a more significant project which will be divided into modules. As a matter of fact, each week students will focus and learn how to rig a specific module, how to combine them together, and how to assemble the whole setup into a master rig. At the end of the course, students will add more details to their main project using nCloth and rigid body dynamics. Students will develop rigging skills and knowledge currently used in the visual effects industry.

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Should anyone have any questions or concerns about registration or employer-sponsored education (including how to get a portfolio review for course placement purposes), get connected with Admissions by phone at 1-800-959-0316 or email registration@cgmasteracademy.com.

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