How to Simulate Liquid Objects That Keep Their Shape After Collisions

Roland Reyer Shows How to Use Maya’s Bifrost to Create Liquid Objects That Retain Their Original Form.

Maya’s Bifrost does short work for simulating oceans, water, and atmospheric effects. The system also lets you create liquid from objects. This means that the fluid can take any shape that you want it to. Watch Autodesk Technical Specialist Roland Reyer’s latest tutorial that shows how you can have liquid objects keep their original form, even after a collision.

If you are familiar with working with nParticles in Maya, you might think that a goal object is what is needed in this Bifrost setup. Bifrost doesn’t use goals but can use a Motion Feild that you can easily tweak to do the same thing. ” It a zero gravity effect but of course you can also animate gravity or any other force in this setup,” Reyer mentions.