SynthEyes Updates With New Lens Solving Features


SynthEyes Adds New Lens Solving Features Along With the Ability to Solve Longer Shots Faster.

SythEyes 1806 adds some new lens solving features, making it easier to track shots from action cameras and drones. Also included with the update is a new Find Erratic Trackers Tool that can help to locate bad trackers before you even solve a scene, such as the trackers that will commonly arise in aerial and drone shots, due to moving people and vehicles within the frame.

SynthEyes 1806 also has new algorithms and controls for solving larger or longer shots. It’s now feasible to track much longer shots in one piece, Rather than splitting it up into clips.


Highlights of the new version include:

  • Major solver advancements, including “order-of-magnitude” performance improvements for large scenes.
  • New Advanced Lens Distortion controls in the solver, especially for better handling of the cropped fisheye lenses from “action cameras” and drones.
  • Updated After Effects distortion plugin supporting cubic and quartic coefficients, so footage undistortion and redistortion can happen within After Effects.
  • New Advanced Solver Settings window for more detailed control over the solving process.
  • Object tracks now support locks on individual axes, for example only Z or only roll, rather than all three position axes or all three rotation axes. (Pro version only)
  • Zero-weighted frames on the solver locking panel — specified frames don’t affect trackers, or therefore indirectly other frames.
  • Frame-decimated solves (every third or fourth frame, say), for additional acceleration of long shots.
  • The solver can determine the rolling shutter coefficient on ordinary scenes.
  • New “Unsolve” (a frame range) script to help work through long shots incrementally.
  • New “Find erratic tracker” tool for detecting problematic trackers before solving.
  • A new right-click menu on the time bar for better playback range management.
  • A large number of additional improvements and bug fixes.

SynthEyes is a standalone app that is both powerful and affordable for tracking camera, object, geometry, and planar tracking, stabilization, and motion capture.

Pricing and Availability

The new version is available immediately. For in-support SynthEyes customers, the new version comes at no extra cost. Upgrade or renewal pricing for earlier SynthEyes customers varies depending on the details. Customers should use the online store to determine specific upgrade and non-USD pricing for all versions.

New licenses of SynthEyes Pro cost 499 USD. The cross-platform Pro license runs 599 USD. Floating Pro licenses are 699 USD each; there is a one-time per-site license manager/setup charge of 250 USD for floating licenses. For students and hobbyists, an entry-level Intro version ( is 299 USD. Purchasing is online or via listed resellers.

A one-year site license for qualifying educational institutions is 495 USD ( Contact the company with particulars for information on volume licenses for student computers.


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