How to Create Selections Faster in Maya With Selection Constraints

Malcolm Andrieshyn Runs Through the Different Selection Constraints Available in Maya for Both the Viewport and the UV Editor.

A significant portion of computer graphics is selections. No matter if you are in Photoshop or a 3D application, Selections are the foundation of which all work starts. Maya has a few ways to help speed up selections, by painting or referring back to saved Selections so that you don’t have to create them again. Another device that sometimes is overlooked is the Selection Constraints. Watch Malcom Andrieshyn walk through how selections can be a breeze using constraints.

Constraints will allow you to highlight things by way of setting criteria for the selection, kind of like a “search.” Maya’s stand-by system is the Polygon Selection Constraint window, but some newer additions were added to the Modeling Toolkit along with the UV Editor. Malcolm covers some quick ways to pick components and how you can use the constraints for specific tasks in your workflow.