Working With the Redshift Volume Object in C4D

MerkVilson Takes a Detailed Look Into the Redshift Volume Object for Spectacular Smoke and Fire Renders.

Tutorial author and tools creator MerkVilson shares some insights into creating amazing looking fire and smoke renders using Cinema 4D and the Redshift Volume object. Redshift, like so many other methods, works with a volume’s shape through an OpenVDB file. Rendering relies on Redshift’s Volume Shader.

In this tutorial, Merk shows how to use both to create some sweet looking smoke and fire. He also offers some great tips when shading smoke and fire in Cinema 4D. Redshift works exclusively with OpenVDB, but the roadmap depicts the renderer adding support for other volume data containers; This can include things like FumeFX or even native 3D application native grids like Maya Fluids and hopefully Bifrost.

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