3 Quick Tips for Speeding Up Nuke Node Workflow

Lars Wemmje Shares 3 Tips for a Quicker Node Workflow in Nuke.

Pushing the nodes vs. layers debate aside, both can get unruly while working on larger projects. If you are working with The Foundry’s Nuke, some techniques can help you with getting around node trees and managing node sets. Watch this opener of what is a new series of quick tip videos for Nuke, by Lars Wemmje that shows off three great tips for managing node workflow in Nuke.

One tip that should be commonly known includes getting around quickly by pressing “f” on the keyboard to zoom in and out of selections. Another, however, involves a little tool created by Lars that lets you open and close your node properties with two custom shortcuts, called merely OpenClose. The last tip shows how you can easily connect nodes across vast distances in Nuke. Great stuff for node workflow.