Create a Light Rig in Octane for C4D

Niels ten Hulsen Shows How he Lights His Scenes and How to Create the Light Rig he Uses for Octane.

Lighting is so important with rendering. It can bring out the details in your model, help objects feel like they have weight, and help set a mood through color and animation. So why not get all of these qualities in a functional light rig? Video 4’s Niels ten Hulsen shows off his approach for a light rig in Cinema 4D that he uses along with the Octane Renderer. The rig has controls for most aspects for lighting the scene, as well as animation.

The system makes use of a lot of native C4D tools, including Xpresso. Niels walks through how to create one and shows off some of the capabilities and what is possible with the finished light rig.

It’s important to note that Niels ten Hulsen now has a Patreon where you can get project files and more. ‘For my Patreon supporters, I created the light rig with some Xpresso extensions to speed up the workflow. You can quickly change the speed of the light by just changing the values instead of setting keyframe. You can change the size of the rig, the size of the light, the intensity of the light and of course the aim direction. All of this in one window running through Xpresso. It’s available for download right now on my Patreon page.”