Cut Down on Your Octane Render Times with Adaptive Sampling

Joren Kandel Shows Why Sampling is Important and How it Can Save on Render Times.

The active word of note in the phrase Adaptive Sampling is “Adaptive.” It allows the render engine to add more sampling in the areas of the render that matter while focusing less on the elements that may not need it. Of course, this is all toward the gain of faster render times, without sacrificing quality. Sampling and Adaptive Sampling is an important area to learn, even if you are using Octane Render in C4D.

The Pixel Lab’s Joren Kandel asks pointedly “Have you ever used Octane’s Adaptive Sampling?” with his latest tutorial that quickly covers the basics to get you started. “Not that’s it’s good or incredibly interesting but big in the fact that it could save you 30% render times potentially,” Joren adds.

A Deeper Dive Into Octane Adaptive Sampling

If you are looking for a more in-depth explanation and tutorial, then you should check out SilverWing’s Raphael Rau, who offers an excellent overview for Sampling with Octane in Cinema 4D. The tutorial gets a bit technical, but it’s all excellent information.