Script Automatically Renames VoxTree Layers in 3DCoat

AntonTenitsky Posts a Little Script for 3DCoat That Can Rename VoxTree Layers Based on the Parent.

We’ve seen that sculpting in 3D Coat voxels is a great way to create concept art, prototype designs and create final artwork. Surprisingly, you only need to know and use a handful of tools with Vox Hide acting as a buttress of the workload. A potential downside is that VoxTree layers can number in the hundreds. If you are looking for a quick way to tidy up the layer tree in 3DC, then check out AntonTenitsky’s little script.

A few lines can rename hundreds of layers automatically based on the parent name. Admittedly, Anton views himself as an artist and not a scripter, “I’m a pretty dumb scripter, but I had a huge need in the renaming of 100+ layers, so I came up with this,” meaning the solution is not without its problems. “Hopefully, somebody more knowledgeable could make it a more versatile script,” Anton notes.

The tutorial runs through how to use the script and this thread in the 3DC Forums is where you can get the few lines of code.