The Basics for Working With C4D’s U-Render

Get Started With U-Render, the High-Quality Real-time Rendering for Cinema 4D.

There is no shortage of choices when looking for a third-party renderer for Cinema 4D. Out of all those choices, there is a handful that handles Progressive GPU rendering, and even fewer that offer real-time viewport rendering as Uppercut’s U-Render does. Formerly known as Tachyon Render, the Viewport rendering tool offers physically plausible rendering, lights, materials and multipass rendering all within a real-time view in the C4D Viewport.

What that means is you are not waiting for a noisy image to resolve, ever. But what does that real-time viewport rendering workflow look like? The U-Render team posts a look at creating a scene from start to finish that shows off the basic workflow that you will encounter with the real-time viewport renderer. The tutorial covers creating a simple scene from scratch and walks through all the steps necessary to produce the final result. All while having real-time rendering feedback during the process.

You can learn more about the U-Render public beta and sign up for it here.