New Maya Structures Helps to Create Buildings Procedurally

IM-FX’s Maya Structures Generates Procedural Buildings Using Your Sources, With a Few Clicks.

Maya has a few city-kits and building generator scripts that let you work in procedural ways when making cityscapes or buildings. A new one on the market is Maya Structures from IM-FX. The Python script allows you to create buildings or generate a city with a few clicks in Maya.

Maya Structures differs from most of the others in that it allows you to input your custom models as the source objects for the build, rather than to draw from an internal pool of its own. When working with your custom objects, Structures can create amazing buildings, machines, and a lot of other things. The tool does come with the futuristic, slums and modern base meshes shown in the demo video, and those are provided with textures when you purchase the script.

Maya Structures lets you switch between structures and tower mode, and randomly swap out the selected components with a click of a button, making it easy to add variation to what you create. The script does come with a warning, however: Structures save hundreds of modeling hours by stacking any models together, along with the desired settings. If mesh overlapping is a problem for you, this script is not for you; you should be modeling your buildings the standard way.

Maya Structures is $49.00, visit the page to learn more.