Tips for Using Viewport Heads-Up Display in C4D

Aleksey Voznesenski Shows How to Take Advantage of the Heads-Up Display in Cinema 4D.

“Do you use the HUD in Cinema 4D? Well, Maybe you Should!” Aleksey Voznesenski writes. The HUD, or Heads-Up Display can provide useful info right in the viewport, displaying parameters on the screen, where you can not only read them but also edit and animate them. It can also make you work better and faster.

HUD Glanceable Information

Typically the Heads-Up Display in C4D shows you four different kinds of information: Object Parameters, General Info, Commands, and Objects. Aleksey shows some tips for taking advantage of the HUD. You will be able to see how many points/faces you have selected, the fps of your current scene, switch quickly between cameras and objects, turn subd object on and off.

Create Your Own HUD Elements

One time, Lars Scholten walked through how to create custom HUD elements. Watch how to create a shot mask that lists names, takes and other attributes to your C4D screen.