How to Create Seamless and Looping Noise in Maya

Patrick Woo Shows How Easy it is to Create Seamless Looping Noise in Maya With a Few Nodes.

No one can overstate how important noise is with computer graphics and 3D. From animation to shading, Noise is an essential part of a 3D workflow, no matter your favorite DCC. More recent versions of Maya have some new noise options thanks in part to Arnold, still making seamless and looping noise is more than just a checkbox in the attribute editor. Patrick Woo shares his workflow for creating seamlessly looping Noise in Maya, using only a few nodes.

Although Woo demonstrates the technique with Maya, he mentions that the principles will work anywhere. “This is a general technique that can be applied to any 3D, compositing, video editing software,” Patrick says. All you need is any procedurally generated Noise and a way to mix between those two layers.

Patrick Woo is a Visual Effects Artist, Music Composer / Arranger, and Coder.