Chris Zurbrigg Shows How to Build a Retiming Tool With Maya

Learn How to Interact Programmatically With Maya’s Timeline and Create a Retiming Tool Using Python.

A new and free training series from Chris Zurbrigg shows people how to create a retiming tool for Maya using Python and the Maya commands module. The series intends to have everyone learn how to interact with Maya’s timeline through programming.

The Retiming Tool is one that animators can use to change the timing and spacing of an animation. The project-related course is an intermediate one, clocking in at an hour and seven minutes of content within five chapters. See them all here.

Chris Zurbrigg is a software developer, working on custom tools, pipeline development, and production workflows, and has been an incredible force in giving back to the Maya community. You can help Chris continue to create more fantastic content by contributing and becoming a Patron.