A Demonstration of How Modulo Works Using C4D

Athanasios Pozantzis Demonstrates Modulo in cinema 4D Using a Clock to Show the concept.

The NoseMan Athanasios Pozantzis worked with Modulo while trying to recreate an Entagma technique within Cinema 4D. Perhaps you don’t fully understand what Modulo is or how it can help with your workflow. Athanasios’s new video can help. The tutorial covers a fairly common method to describe the computing term, using time and a clock. Interestingly, the demonstration entirely takes place in Cinema 4D using fields.

Athanasios uses Cinema 4D as a platform to show how the programming concept of Muldulo works. A Modulo operation is a generalized computing term that you can use in your code. It’s a remainder calculation. It can be used to find the remainder after the division of one number by another. In Houdini, modulus can give you the rest on integer division.

One example for its use comes from David Kahl who shows how to use it to gain control over arrays in Side Effects Houdini. “Sometimes you are in a situation where you have to run through your array, but instead of just end at the last element you need to continue with the first element” Kahl mentions, “…You can easily do that by utilizing the modulo operator.”