How to Render a Realistic Watermelon Slice With C4D and Redshift

Valeriy Seleshko Creates Realistic Materials for a Slice of Watermelon in Cinema 4D Using Redshift.

It’s not an everyday material, but one that poses some challenges and is an excellent study. 3D artist Valeriy Seleshko walks through how to model, light create the physical materials and render a slice of watermelon. Not just any view either, the tutorial covers how to create a realistic look for an unabashed closeup view of seeds and pitted and airy insides.

The tutorial starts by creating a single melon seed, using C4D’s cloner to replicate and scatter them into place. The new volume builder does short work of building the pitted surface of the melon that will receive the seeds. The results of the models and shaders are incredibly realistic.