How to Render Rig Controls With Arnold

3D Models World Shows an Easy Way to Render Rig Controls Using Arnold Render.

If you use Autodesk Maya, you may already know that curves typically do not render. The fact that they don’t render is one of the reasons why technical artists use the as rigging controls; Yet, there may be some circumstances when you want curves to render. 3D Models World shows how easy it is to render rig controls using Arnold in Autodesk Maya.

Making curves show up in the render has a lot of uses in 3D. You can quickly set up curves for cables and other situations, without having to model them. There could also be times when you would want to show the rig controls to show off animation for a demo reel. Arnold makes this simple, with just a few clicks and settings you can easily have curves show up when you render. There are a lot of tips in this tutorial too.