SynthEyes Adds New Stabilization Rig to Export

SynthEyes Gains Flexibility in the Image Stabilization Pipeline With New Stabilization Rig Creator Scripts.

The rig lets you easily export a shot’s stabilization to 3D animation and compositing packages

Image stabilization is a longtime feature with Syntheyes. Artists could stabilize images within the walls of SynthEyes which included rendering out the stabilized images. Now that workflow gets expanded a bit with the addition of the new Stabilization Rig Creator export scripts. The scripts allow you to generate and export a stabilization rig so that you can create or render out the stabilized images from After Effects, Fusion or Blender.

Andersson Technologies‘ Russ Andersson walks through the process for both a 2D stabilization and a full-on 3D solve in Syntheyes. Users can then export the stabilized system into After Effects or any other compositor to create the final render, rather than limiting the workflow to just SynthEyes.

The tutorial shows how to create the Stabilization Rig for various cases, including exports to After Effects, Fusion, and Blender in the process. Don’t forget this requires updated scripts!