brSmoothWeights is a Free Weights Smoothing Tool for Maya

Brave Rabbit Releases an Update to brSmoothWeights and Makes it Open Source.

Brave Rabbit’s Ingo Clemens (Creators of Shapes) is on a mission to update some of his tools and put them out there as open source. A new release under this plan is brSmoothWeights, an advanced weight smoothing tool for skin clusters in Autodesk Maya. “br Smooth Weights replaces the former smoothSkinClusterWeight tool. SmoothSkinClusterWeight was based on tf_smoothSkin by Tom Ferstl and added a better performance, maintaining the maximum number of influences and undo support.”

brSmoothWeights is something that has undergone an extensive rewrite that significantly boosts performance in all aspects. Adjusting the size and strength of Brave Rabbits Smooth Weights tool reflects the behaviors of the default Maya sculpt tools, largely due to the fact that it is now multithreaded.

brSmoothWeights is for Maya versions 2016.5, 2017, 2018 on OS X, Windows 64 bit, Linux 64 bit and is under the terms of the MIT License. Visit Brave Rabbit to learn more.