How to Use C4D’s Render Region for Quick Changes

Eli Prenten Shows How You Can Save Rendering Hours by Using Render Region for Critical Changes to a Project.

We’ve all been there. A project is almost done and you can see the finish line in your sights and there is another change — This change, however, requires a new render. When working in Cinema 4D. that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to re-render everything. Twistereli, or Eli Prenten as he is also known, shows a tip that can save you a lot of render time in a few cases: Using the Render Region in Cinema 4D to make quick changes.

Prenten shows how you can only render the changed areas of a frame with C4D, and use it to composite new changes back into the final render saving on render time. Instead of rendering the entire frame again, there are cases when you can get away with rendering only a portion of the frame which is typically faster. Lucky C4D makes a process like this simple.