Need to create realistic water? Ocean for After Effects Makes it Easy

Ocean lets you build Custom 3D Bodies of water in After Effects from a Library of Elements.

Computer graphics has definitely cracked who to create realistic bodies of water. Virtually all 3D applications have dedicated tools that will allow you to create and simulate oceans to a high degree of realism. If however, you are working in after effects, the process is a bit more involved, and a little less flexible.

The flexibility of Ocean provides endless, beautiful looks for a variety of applications

Typically you would create a 3D plane in Ae and then apply some sort of texture, usually fractal noise, to displace the surface, into something that looked more or less like waves. Then there is the matter of making it appear realistic using the renderable properties of an environment including haze, atmosphere, sky and other elements.

With the Ocean After Effects template from Creation Effects, all that can be a thing of the past.

Ocean for After Effects Makes it Easy.

Creation Effects latest offering is Ocean an After Effects template that makes it easy to create 3D bodies of water in 4k. The system goes further than simple fractal noise by using actual footage of water to achieve unparalleled realism. The pack lets users choose between 50 different looping water clips that come in both HD and 4K resolutions. You can even use your own footage to create customized looks.

Splashes & Reflections

The kit also comes with extras like splashes and reflections. With Splashes, you can change the size, volume, force, and direction of them for a more realistic effect.

Oceans for After Effects Availability

Oceans is available from Creation Effects for $39.00.

The kit is compatible with Adobe After Effects, versions CS6 and all later versions (including Creative Cloud). Works on both Mac or PC. No plugins required. (CS6 users will see a “Missing” label on the customization controls. This is a result of using Pseudo Effects, and it does not affect the functionality. All controls will work as intended.)
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Check out how to use Ocean for Ae below: