Create a Creek Scene With C4D, X-Particles, and Redshift

Jonathan Winbush Shows How to Create a Creek Scene With Falling Water That Uses Megascans, Redshift, and X-Particles.

A new 3-part tutorial series from Winbush dives into creating a great-looking creek scene complete with realistic falling water. The realism from the scene is thanks to X-Particles water simulations, Quixel MegaScans, and the Redshift renderer.

Johnathan shows how to set up the environment in Cinema 4D, while part two dives into the simulation using X-Particle’s fluid tools. Finally, the last section of the tutorial has a look into compositing all the rendered elements together using Adobe After Effects.

Winbush’s last tutorial also messed around with X-Particles toolset — It showed how to create waves complete with foam. Check out that tutorial here.