Danny Williams Shows How to Retopo Fast in Maya

PointPusher Breaks Down His Method for Fast Retopo Work in Maya.

Maya’s retopo tools are fairly straightforward to use. The issue becomes the logistics and flow of placing polygons rather than the tools themselves. Whether you are making a character for film or for a real-time game, your strategy will differ depending on the asset. A new 5-part tutorial series from Danny Williams (aka PointPusher) has Williams breaking down his methods to create fast retopo in Autodesk Maya.

The series covers William’s workflow and methods for retopologizing a sculpted character. The videos cover decimation and import, how to handle areas of deformation like the arms and hands, strategies for the head, face and ears, and much more.

A little while ago, the FlippedNormals team showed how you can speed up Maya quad draw work by optimizing how Maya interprets the base mesh by enabling GPU acceleration – Another handy fast retopo tip!