How to Make a Forest With Render Proxies and MASH

Carlos Alvarez Velazquez shows how to work with V-Ray Proxies and MASH to create a dense, realistic forest in Maya.

May has a variety of tools for instancing and distributing meshes. Add render proxies into the mix, and you have a compelling way to render out extremely high polygon scenes without too much trouble. Both Arnold and V-Ray can work with render proxies. In Carlos Alvarez Velazquez’s latest tutorial, he shows how to work with V-Ray and MASH to create and render a realistic forest scene.

The tutorial dives in depth into a few areas of production workflow. The video covers working with ray Proxies, Instances, MASH node ID, Node Scattering, Node Random, Node Visibility, 3D Paint tool and more.

Carlos Alvarez Velazquez often creates in-depth and highly detailed tutorials — Have a look at his breakdown of what is new with V-Ray Next.