Pro IO Offers Watch Bins and Export Presets for Ae

New Pro IO is a one-stop solution for getting media in and out of Ae and Premiere.

Are you tired of having to search through the same directories any time you want to import something? Importing elements can sound trivial, but if you are working with tons of media, both import and export can take up a lot of time, not to mention being monotonous. Justin Taylor certainly thought so as he created a new tool that can help automate the process. Pro IO offers powerful watch folders and export presets.

“Pro IO solves this repetition by automating and streamlining the entire importing and exporting process, making it faster and more accurate, saving you time and supercharging your workflow,” Taylor says.

Pro IO watch bins let you link folders to your project bins. It will automatically synchronize the bins and import any new assets with a single click.

The Ae/Premiere extension also offers export presets. Using presets you can queue multiple renders in After Effects or Media Encoder from various compositions (or sequences), matching your naming practices and destinations.

Pro IO is 20% Off until Feb 22 – Visit the page to learn more.