Ticket01’s Stitch for Maya Gets New Features


Stitch for Maya updates letting users instantly create stitches and seams in models.

Maya plugin developer Ticket01 recently released a new version for its tool that can easily create stitches in any model. Aptly named Stitch for Maya, the plugin uses edge loops to create seams, stitches, and holes. The latest update adds the ability to automatically generate holes in a system that combines 2D planes. Also on deck is new support for copy and paste as well as NURBS curve support for curve rendering.

Creating stitching in Maya has a few workflows available to users. Now with MASH curve and array tools, you could likely set up a custom system. Ticket0 takes threading to the next level though, offering very realistic details, geometry-adaptive algorithms so that the effect clings to mesh topologies and a host of real-life style libraries. Whether it may be a cross stitch, a baseball stitch or a double lap seam, any type of stitching style is possible. Details also apply to yarn; its profile can be set individually, making it very easy to create different looks.

Visit the new microsite for Stitch for Maya to learn more.

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