A Simple Way to Create Multiple Decals With Redshift C4D

Winbush shows how to create multiple decals for objects using RS Material Blender.

Labels, stickers or decals. No matter what you call them, placing them on objects in 3D might be tricky – Especially if you are trying to set multiple decals for objects in C4D. The techniques can vary based on the render engine. If you are creating stickers for C4D, it’s a reasonably straightforward process. That process can change if you use Arnold. Here, Jonathan Winbush shows how to add more than one label easily with Redshift in C4D.

“I’ll show you a super simple way to create stickers on your objects using RS Material Blender,” Winbush says. Redshift Material Blender is a way to overlay several materials together, which makes it great for placing labels on objects.