Create Easy Retempo Effects in Ae With Beatnik

Ebberts + Zucker Beatnik offers easy beat-based time remapping or, retempo effects.

Syncing footage and animation to the beat of audio is one thing, time remapping is quite another. A new tool from the team of Ebberts + Zucker sort of mixes the two in what they like to call Retempo Effects. Beatnik lets you quickly and intuitively create beat-based edits in After Effects, and it’s the first tool that combines peak detection with time remapping.

Have a look at this short tutorial that demonstrates the power of creating a Retempo Effect by separating the marker and the sync process, changing how the markers get distribution; you get a flexible workflow.

Beatnik lets you unlock a new level of time remapping effects to create audio-driven edits, speed ramps, re-timings & more with just one click.