Free Crosshair Script for AE Places Guides at Center

Matt Wilson’s Crosshair script for After Effects places Guides at the center of the selected layers.

The latest release of Adobe After Effects has some notable features. One smaller, but quite large feature is the ability to control guides through scripting and expressions. Using this new feature, motion designer Matt Wilson is offering a free script that lets you quickly place guides at the center of a selection. That can be quite helpful for rigging and placing anchor points in the places where joints should be.

The Crosshair script combined with snap to guides makes for a fast way to accurately move layer anchor points or positioning DUIK bones or even and Rubberhose or Limber start and end controllers. Wilson notes that this script will only work with the April 2019 release (16.1) version of After Effects due to Guides being a new feature in scripting for After Effects.

Check out Crosshair for After Effects here.