Using Cached Playback With Profiler and the Evaluation Toolkit

Roland Reyer shows how to work with cached playback the profiler and the evaluation toolkit in Maya.

One of the most significant new features in Maya 2019 is the Cached Playback system. It allows animators and artists to play big scenes in real time right in the viewport eliviating the need for as many time-consuming playblasts. We’ve seen how cached playback works along with some workflow scenarios in previous postings on this site. Now Autodesk’s Roland Reyer shares some insights into working with cached playback alongside the profiler and evaluation toolkit in Maya.

Cached Playback reduces the recalculation of the cache to the necessary minimum when you change the animation. Both the Profiler and the Evaluation Toolkit in Maya allow you to get some hard numbers on how a scene is performing. Reyer’s walkthrough shows how effective caching is on a real-world production animation.