Generate Geometry From MegaScans Atlases Procedurally

3D Artist Greg Zdunek Shows a Fast and Effective Way to Create Geometry Procedurally from a MegaScans Atlases

There are plenty of tutorials that show how you can use the Megascans atlases that come with the scanned assets. Most of them will explain how to manually model geometry pieces from the texture atlases.

Discover a fast and effective way to create procedural geometry from opacity/alpha maps in Houdini

While there is nothing wrong with those techniques, Greg Zdunek found then a bit too time-consuming. Zdunek shows a more fast and efficient way if you are using Houdini — Generating the geometry procedurally from Megascans Atlases opacity/alpha maps.

Creating the geometry this way means that you can quickly generate models for hundreds of different Megascan atlases without modeling any by hand. You can follow along with the tutorial by using the free Houdini Apprentice version along with the tutorial and scene files.