How to Create Facebook 3D Photos With C4D

Nicolas Nami shows how to create those Facebook 3D photos that react to scrolling.

You may have seen some of those 3D-like photos on social media, where user scrolling will activate a parallax effect. If you’ve ever wondered how you can create one of those with custom artwork, then you should have a look at this tutorial from Nicolas Nami. The video covers how to create those 3D photos with a focus on the workflow.

There are a lot of steps involved, and the work needs to pass through a lot of applications before it is complete. Nami uses Cinema 4D and Octane render, photoshop, Omnivirt, and a few others to get a completed photo. The tutorial walks through how to render a beauty pass, and a depth pass inside Cinema4D using Otoy’s Octane Render, Photoshop, and convert the passes inside Omnivirt, which will get you that parallax effect.

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  1. I had viewed this tut before but couldnt anything with as i dont have one of the newest phones. Today i viewed this Blender tut and he showed that if the depth map has the same name but with a suffix of “_depth” it gets generated as well 🙂
    Just wanted to give the info,

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