How to Create Worn Materials in V-Ray Without UVs

Carlos Alvarez Velazquez shows how to create worn materials using dirt, triplanar and some other tricks in V-Ray.

Carlos Alvarez Velazquez’s latest tutorial shows how to create an old looking material in V-Ray using a bag of tricks. Velazquez demonstrates how you can develop worn materials and old metal look and not even have to UV anything. Of course, any time you hear “no-UV” the premise is likely using a TriPlanar node and that is the case here too.

The tutorial covers working with VRay Triplanar, VRay Dirt, VRay Layered, VRay FallOff, VRay Blend and VRay Procedural Displacements. Velazquez also demonstrates a WorkFlow to texturize using V-Ray IPR Shading Debug to Isolate and solve issues in rendering.