More Tips for Working with the Wedge Tool in Maya

Malcolm Andrieshyn shares more Wedge Tool tips in Maya that he missed last time.

As part of his tips series, Malcolm Andrieshyn once covered the Maya Wedge tool. The Wedge in Maya is a great way to quickly create extruded arches and curved sections of an object. It basically will extrude a face selection against an arbitrary edge selection into an arc or a wedge shape, hence the name. Now Malcolm adds some more tips to all the wedging info provided earlier.

With his latest tips tutorial, Malcolm shows some more tips that he’s picked up along the way, including how to planarize components on an arbitrary angle when working with the tool.

In this video learn how to use the wedge tool to create complex shapes and extrusions in Autodesk Maya even faster than before with a new technique. Also, learn how to planarize components on an arbitrary angle.

A Better Wedge That is Also Free

If you feel like you have outgrown Maya’s Wedge, there are other options out there. One example is Klaudio Ladavac’s Wedge Tool which is a faster and more interactive iteration of Maya’s original, and it is free.