Check Out C4D Log Viewer and Read Logs in Style

Check Out C4D Log Viewer and Read Logs in Style

Arttu Rautio created an easy to use online tool for reading C4D render logs.

Whenever you render images or sequences with C4D’s render queue, you get an account of what happened. The render log is the one place that you can check for useful data. The thing is, It’s not very pleasing to read as a raw XML file. So Arttu Rautio made a simple online C4D Log Viewer where you can easily upload your C4D Log and get back something much easier to read.

“There is a input field where you can just drag and drop your log-file, and when you press “View Log”-button, the site converts XML-file to nice looking HTML code,” Rautio says. The C4D Log Viewer is a simple thing, but I can see it as something that is quite useful for everyone. Rautio notes that the Log viewer does not upload or collect any data to his server. It opens file straight in browser using HTML5’s FileReader.

Check out the Cinema 4D Log Viewer here.

Arttu Rautio, Finland based digital artist and an award-winning post-production supervisor.