Erik Lehmann’s Renamer Updates With New UI and More

Senior TD Erik Lehmann updates Renamer for Maya with a new UI and some new features.

Senior Build TD for Double Negative, Erik Lehmann’s Renamer script for Autodesk Maya is an advanced renaming tool. The script lets you do renaming, extended numeration, prefix, suffix, and search & replace functions. The script also carries additional extras so you can format or remove characters and automated processes for faster workflow. A new update for Renamer sees an updated and restructured user interface along with some other additions and changes to functionality.

The new version for Renamer includes:

  • an updated and restructured interface
  • direct link to the online documentation from the tool menu
  • option to get the name of the currently selected object
  • a ‘letter / ABC’ padding option
  • more presets for Prefixes and Suffixes
  • ‘remove’ option to quickly delete characters either from the start or end of the objects name
  • new function to automatically ‘fix duplicate names’ within a scene

Lehmann offers a lot of handy and well thought out tools for Maya so be sure to check out his Gumroad for the lowdown on other script and his script packs.